Toshiba Cell TV – Beyond 3D

2009 was year of evolution and adoption of  LCD and later LED TVs and 2010 is all about 3D TVs. But wait, Toshiba is changing the trend: Embedding 10x times power of PC into a TV. You heard that right Toshiba is powering the a new 3D LED/LCD TVs with Cell processor, the same processor that powers Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3

Under the hood, Cell TV technology utilizes the IBM/Sony PowerPC-based Cell processor to allow for advanced video processing and frame interpolation on both standard definition and high definition content. The cell processor runs at 3.2 GHz with 8-cores (SPUs) — exactly 10x times faster than a normal home PC.

The Processor will be used to:

  1. Upscale normal Videos to 1080p video
  2. Upscale 60hz/ 60FPS to 480 hertz.
  3. Convert normal TV broadcasts, video, games,etc from 2D to 3D.
  4. Improve/fix Pixels for superior Video
  5. Provide/Simulate higher Contrast ratio 50,00,000:1

These specs are way beyond other TVs we’ve seen in the Past.

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Most attractive features:

* A powerful cell broadband processor with a focus on advanced picture quality and advanced applications
* Wireless HD video support, even at the highest resolutions and Wifi 802.11n
* Built-in hard disc storage with server capabilities for receiving and distributing content throughout the home
* Seamless Internet connectivity for downloading and accessing network content

The Cell TV will ultimately combine elements of IPTV, multi-source file compatibility (HDD, SD, USB, etc), DLNA support for remote file sharing/streaming, and full (and largely transparent) Internet support and possibly someone will hack-in a linux OS to levergae it’s processing power to make a perfect HTPC.

More on Features:

It features super-high luminance of 1250cd/m². A 7-speaker sound bar is attached underneath the display, and network functionality includes DLNA support, and an HD Web browser based on Opera.

On the real cutting edge side of the Cell TV, the system is said to be able to handle six (6) simultaneous HD streams at once. That means it can record 6 HD streams to the drive or storage system simultaneously. It will utilize a completely new 3D graphical user interface (GUI) and provide a new way of accessing data and programming material easily and from multiple locations. DLNA support and advanced networking would indicate that this box should be able to serve an entire home full of HD displays and enable itself to be a potential AV hub for large amounts of content.

The Cell chip is housed in an external box about the site of an older Blu-ray player. That’s also where a 3TB hard disk is installed to allow the TV to time-shift up to 26 hours of programs from up to 8 channels simultaneously. (1TB of storage is reserved for longer-term recordings). Another neat visual trick: the 55X1 can show eight channels on screen at the same time—and step through each without the delay common with rival HDTVs. Alright, do you still want just another 3d HDTv like Samsung 55 inches 3D 240Hz LCD TV ?

With Real 3d broadcasts coming within 2010 via ESPN, Sony, IMAX the experience on Cell TV is gonna get even better.

Alright, the worst side: $10,000+

Toshiba ‘s TV have a range of models, 4K x 2K model that upconverts 1080p to 3840 x 2160. Holy crap! Follow us @taranfx as we go crazy over CES 2010.

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  • Very outstanding features and specifications. But, actually as I expected that the price of this kind of TV is really expensive and only the upper class can avail and enjoy it.

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  • Toshiba recently introduced mobile TV, a decoder,
    similar to that produced by Apple Apple TV, but is capable of scaling a
    1080p signal HD to an amazing 2160p – also known as 4K. The device uses a
    Cell processor to generate signals that are compatible with the
    resolution quadruple next TV.

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