Try Chrome OS Features, Apps in Chrome Browser

The latest build of Chromium OS has some additions which make it more attractive than what it last year. THE Good news is that you can try Chrome OS Web apps and Features within theChrome browser on your PC. NOTE: You need a Chrome Dev Channel installation.

How to Try Chrome OS Apps, Features in Chrome Browser

Step 1. To begin with,  add these command line switches to your Chrome shortcut, without the “quotes”:

“–enable-apps” : turns on extension apps, otherwise you’ll get an error when you try to install them.
“–apps-panel” : (optional) instead of loading the new tab page, Chrome will display a floating panel above the current tab

Step 2. Next we  install  some Google apps:

They’re hiding in a folder called resources — which you’ll find in your Chrome profile folder.

  • On Windows, they reside in %localappdata%\Chromium\Application\6.0.428.0\Resources.
  • Linux /opt/google/chrome/resources/.

Step 3. Head to your Google Chrome extensions tab (chrome://extensions) and make sure you see the developer mode buttons above. If you don’t, click the plus next to the text to reveal them.

Step 4. Now click “load unpacked extension” and browse to location you found in step 2. Click into the folder of the app you want to install (like gmail_app), then click OK. If the install is successful, Chrome will refresh your Extensions page and you should now see the icon for the app.

Step 5: Loading app: Open new Tab and click one. There you have it — the new tabs that  use full-color .PNG images which are packed with the apps. Overall, the Google apps seem to work the same as a pinned tab — just with nicer icons and ease of access. You can try the same for other apps.

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