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Back in January Steve Jobs announced that iPod Touch had been outselling iPhones. The scenario diverted a bit with the release of iPhone 4, but things will eventually move back to populartiy of iPod Touches.

Today, with almost half the iOS users being iPod Touch, most would be looking to upgrading to iPhones, but had been limited by expensive deals with Unlocked phones, worldwide. Or there are users who love iPod Touch and wished it had Phone calling capability.

A new $57 solution will provide iPhone identical features (well most of them) to the iPod Touch.
Apple Peel 520 – a wrap-around case for your iPod touch claims to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone, complete with SIM card and additional battery pack.

The silicone base (that would be plastic in finished product) contains a loudspeaker, battery pack, and SIM card, and connects to the iPod touch via a standard dock connector.

The case allows users to make calls and send SMS messages, though users will be unable to use 3G networks, even with a 3G SIM card. In order to actually use the device, users will have to first jailbreak their device, then download and install an iPhone calling and messaging app.

It includes a removable 800mAh battery which gives you up to 3 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby juice. The funny thing is that when the battery is installed successfully, the adapter itself will vibrate, so we’re guessing it supports vibration.

Chinese blog PCReview.com has tested the device, and has found that while able to make calls perfectly well, the device falls short on a number of other issues. Apart from a single-volume speaker, users were also unable to cancel incoming calls, and were unable to message multiple recipients.

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