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Twitter begun the journey with the idea of selective audience for the stuff an individual writes. But the idea is changing. People try to grow the exposure by increasing their followers by retweeting their tweets, help them, spam around and what not.

Here comes something that changes the Horizon of Twitter, again: TweetWave.

Tweet Wave is a Twitter 3rd party app that allows your message to be exposed to a potential 1 million users in a ‘wave’ like effect through members of the site re-tweeting your messages, guaranteeing your Tweet substantial exposure.

Sounds impossible? You will have to believe it, it works. It is developed by a UK based firm “Need Creative” who has already shown us some marvelous apps like Twitter Me and TwitMoan.

Tweet Wave is his latest venture and by looking at the average amount of followers its users have, means at it’s current state, it can offer a reach of 988,927 users. (and it’s grown higher by the time you read this)

The CEO of the company believes that 0.01% click on a tweet and 0.0001% of users go on to make a purchase could work great for an ad campaign.

Getting started:-

The service offers 3 free credits after which you will have to buy more credits.

However, there is a cutoff line, you must have at least 1000 followers to be a member. The restriction,as per the company, has been set to tackle spam. But I guess the threat stays no matter what.

The message you send individually is will be sent in the form of a RT to everyone registered within Tweet Wave to be approved, before being sent on by those users.  However, it will automatically be sent after 24 hours if it hasn’t been  moderated.

For affiliates and bloggers, this exposes a great opportunity. Will you grab one?

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