Twitter is Profitable Already, but Ads are coming

A while ago, we talked how Twitter is profitable already. The Primary soure being  Google Real-time search and Bing Real-time search which together pay several million dollars, every year.

If you recall, we’ve seen a lot of business propositions for Twitter that could possibly one way or the other. But, at the end of the day people concluded that Twitter doesn’t need one. But, Twitter owners claim “having one won’t hurt us”, so true.

As per the latest from MediaPost, Twitter’s adoption of an ad platform is “imminent”.

Anamitra Banerji says that “we are working on an ad platform, but it’s only in the test phase.”
Banerji assured MediaPost that Twitter would make it “explicity clear” that a post was from an advertiser and not a regular users.
So it could work the way normal adverts like Magpie [it’s great], sponsored tweets already work on Twitter. by using tags like  #spon, #paid, and #samp. But  Twitter might take a different approach which makes it more clear.
These ads won’t comeup from user’s tweets, but rather from Twitter’ web interface just like Google’ adsense.

“We don’t think of ourselves as a Web site — essentially it’s a platform,” Banerji said. “We don’t really control the ads or the way the tweets are viewed and then consumed. We are completely open around other people innovating around us. Ultimately, publishers should have choice. But the one area of concern for us — and that’s if bad ads get identified in Twitter — it’s a problem for us in the long term. So, we should do whatever we can to encourage positive behavior.”

While the article says we should see signs in about a month, we can only wonder how long it will be. Twitter might announce this, officially, around the beginning of next month. There are even reports that claims that Twitter may launch the ad network during South By Southwest Interactive, which begins in Austin on March 12.

I laready like the concept and effectiveness of Magpie, just wondering if ads via web-interface would capture equal audience. May be they need to make it smarter. We’ll get to know.

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