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Years after the launch of World’s biggest social network, Twitter didn’t see to have any official encouragement for Business.

Twitter has encouraged and helped so many businesses grow. Who can forget that dell made millions of dollars by just promotions on Twitter. Thankfully, the good news is here, Twitter has developed new features that will enable Business users to collaborate better than before. The new features are available to few of the business already and it would open out to the rest of the world as soon as it becomes more mature.

The first thing that we’ve come across is the Contributor’s Feature

The Contributor’s feature, as per Twitter is “one of several in development; some of them will be visible to regular users and some of them will not.”

That tiny glimpse wasn’t good enough, so we dug a little deeper and found that Starbucks is one of the brands in the hand-selected bunch. Brad Nelson, who tweets on behalf of the mega coffee retailer, has the inside scoop on Twitter Contributors, and he sent a few screenshots our way that highlight how the feature works, what it looks like and even demonstrate additional features we can expect in the immediate future.

As Mashable reports, a regular user sees the following when an account with the new feature tweets from the web:

However, Administrators of multi-user accounts will now see a more powerful concept: a toolbar that makes for easy toggling between accounts:

contributor update 2

As you can see above, contributors now have 2 levels: Enhanced Access and Partial Access. Enhanced Access will give contributors the ability to view the account dashboard.

This may look trivial, but we expect possibility of  including advanced analytics and stats around Twitter activities to grow business better. Here’s a Video from NBC which discuses this:

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