Twitter Usage Stats 2009-2010

Twitter had been growing dramatically over the last few years.

So what exactly are people talking about?

TWitter usage stats

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Nearly, 25% of the tweets are all about emotions. 20% of tweets go towards announcements, support. And nearly 13% are RTs.

During 1998, twitter grew 752% and in 2009 1382% year-on-year. If we look more closely on the month-over-month growth, it reduced in the trailing months of 2009.

As per the latest data statistics from HubSpot, Twitter’s growth is slowing down dramatically. As they report, in October 2009, Twitter’s growth rate had fallen to 3.5%. But among the users who were active, they now spend more time with Twitter, which means there is more horizontal growth than vertical.

Twitter growth

They have published a full report from which more analytics can be obtained.

Only 18% of all Twitter users have more than 100 followers. A total of 81% of all users are currently also following less than 100 people for which it used to be 40 6 months ago. Following graph shows no. of users with no. of followers.


Twitter users now include bios (54%), links (65%) and location data (41%) in their profiles.

On the interesting front, most no. of tweets happen not on weekdays or even fridays but ratehr on thursday.

The popular micro-blogging may need to become macro or atleast raise the upper limit as more and more people are utilizing the max characters (140) in their tweets. How many times did you feel that you are running short of characters?

During the September 2009 to Jan’10 timespan, the per month increase in U.S was almost negligible while for developing countries, it still grew at a good pace.

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