Ubuntu for Phones, Tablets: UI Overview, Features, Details, Apps

Canonical is making the next big bet on Ubuntu, by making it run everywhere: Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.
This is big deal for the company, and it hopes to gain traction especially from Enterprise market.

Unity – One Interface to rule them all. Ubuntu would look and feel exactly the same on all the devices and screen sizes. All variants of Ubuntu 12 & 13 make HTML5 & Native apps all available directly from the launcher.

Ubuntu makes all the Ubuntu services like cloud backup, music store, etc. all available across the devices.

Ubuntu for Phones

First Ubuntu devices would be available at CES 2013 and we will see custom installable binaries available for various devices, soon after.
The mobile version of Ubuntu is built around the existing Android kernel and drivers, but doesn’t share anything more than that. It doesn’t use a Dalvik VM or Java Virtual Machine. Ubuntu for Phones (just like Android) would support both ARM and x86 processors.

Ubuntu for Smartphones is different from Ubuntu for Android. This is Ubuntu based OS, doesn’t use any components of android, however, runs on Android hardware as it shares those drivers and kernel.

As far as User Interface is concerned, its new and innovative. App Switching gestures are one of the best we’ve ever seen. Swiping across the screen switches between apps and coming back to desktop is a flick away.

Ubuntu for Phones: UI Overview

Ubuntu for smartphones, for now, will not have any dedicated hardware, rather it would run on recent Android devices like Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus. So basically if a hardware works with Android, it will work with Ubuntu as well. This is possible coz Ubuntu works beautifully on ARM architecture and it understands Android kernels and drivers which are already available. First exclusive hardware for Ubuntu phone OS would ship in 2014.

Ubuntu for Smartphones is pretty late in the game, but they have the advantage  of a strong ties to server and backend technology, plus an enthusiastic Android development community that has a preference towards open source platforms.

Ubuntu for Android – Full presentation:

Checkout complete design elements of Ubuntu Phone.

Ubuntu Phone OS Handson (from Verge)

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