Upcoming, Apple’s New Lineup: Tablet, Greener design for MacBook, iMac

It’s been a while since Apple took an overhaul over the old low-cost polycarbonate MacBook line-up to a new type of Unibody design and perhaps even a Tablet is due as per the latest Rumors.

Apple has plans to make it’s current lineup more greener than ever, well, that’s Steve Jobs vision.

All together, the modifications should appear int the market within 2009 around the holiday season to boost sales. And as-usual, their will be more price drops, making them most cost-effective Mac than ever.

iMacs are planned to get redesigned as well. The current rumors lead to a thinner, sleeker enclosure which will of course be greener too.

As per AppleInsider, recently, the models were awaiting certification for white polycarbonate shells, consistent with the sole $999 model currently available from Apple.


Sorry guys, there are no solid rumors on this yet. Apple has moved towards HD movies on iTunes and possibly they encourage soft copies over getting BluRay DVDs.

Another reason why Apple might not consider giving this upgrade is the overall cost. Including a BluRay Player/burner  will shoot price up by $100. Not sure if Apple would encourage that.

But the point to note here is, It might start selling BluRay Discs and then we can expect One more thing featuring BluRay RAM drive.

It’s time for Upgrades

Both the iMac and MacBook share the pride of being the best selling desktop and notebook, respectively, in Apple’s history. The iMac last saw an overall in August of 2007, while the MacBook redesign hasn’t been seen since since May of 2006.

via AppleInsider


This is the most awaited gadget from the cupertino company. The excitment is roof high setting the expectations sky high. We’ve now seen lots of Tablets from other manufacturers. Like the one running Mac OS iTab Mini, Windows 7 based Archos 9, Jorn ETouch, perhaps Apple’s Tablet will be better than all. No doubt, it will feature iPhone’s Multitouch technology with a Lite version of Leopard or Upscaled version of iPhone OS. Thought the first one makes more sense.

Earlier, we heard of Steve working closely on Tablet. This was a confirmed news. And expecting Tablet for the end of this year makes sense, though, rumors predict 2010 as the launch year.

Tablet will be available in two models: 6″ 10″, covering to different segments of market. The smaller one could be nothing more than upscaled iPhone OS, and the latter one could be Leopard lite.


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