[Bulk] Upload Folders to Google Docs [GDrive]

Dropbox offers a great solution for cloud storage since it retains your folder structure, easily accessible later via PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. But the problem with dropbox is that they are much more expensive.

For 50GB, they charge $10/month equaling $120 per year. Compare this with Google Docs GDrive: $5/year for 20GB (and same price for all multiples of 20GB). The price difference huge, plus Google docs’ storage is shared among all Google applications: Gmail, Picasa, Docs, you name it. And coz Google is all about goodness, if you stop paying yearly thing, you can still retain uploaded data FOREVER, free for lifetime, but not upload new data. Which is NOT offered by any of the competitors.

Here’s proof from Google’s Terms & conditions:

No matter when you cancel your storage subscription, your extra storage will be available for the entire year you’ve purchased. After your plan expires, your storage will be limited to each individual product’s free storage quota. Under our current policy, any content over the free storage quota will still be accessible, however you will not be able to add new content until your storage balance falls below the free storage limit.

So you are already convinced by now that Google Docs is a more viable Cloud storage, except for the fact that it doesn’t retain your folder structure (unless you create it manually).

How to Upload Folders to Google Docs

Try an Open-source program for Windows called Cyberduck that lets you transfer files and folders from the computer to Google Docs (and vice-versa), just like a FTP.

  1. Simply create a new connection in Cyberduck and choose “Google Docs” from the list of service providers.
  2. Fill in your Google Account credentials and connect. It will get a list of your Google Docs files and folders.
  3. To upload a local folder to Google Docs, simply select the files to upload or Drag-drop them.

Note: The application handles duplicates quiet well. You cannot upload MP3, EXE via this app, they can only be done via browser unless you’ve a Google Apps for Business account. The restriction is essentially set by Google Upload API.

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  • Marton

    Does not work… When trying to create folders bounces back all the time.

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