Very less to talk about : LG G6 product video

In our recent coverage of the Gartner report on worldwide smartphone sales during quarter ending December 2016 we covered market leaders and new challengers. LG has been on the scene for long but is yet t gain traction. Numerous reasons can be the cause, like bad product quality, lack of innovation, poor service. LG has been working to overcome these obstacles, but it hasn’t quite come out of it completely.

The LG G6 Official product video is very loud, yet it only features a wider screen (due to a thin bezel) and camera whose software has been modded and manipulated to flaunt some show-off features. LG is surely catching up with the cliche with rear Finger-print reader, dual cameras and loads of soft mods to camera app. And they have supposedly fitted a 5.7 inch display in a body meant for a 5.2 inch display.

Camera App has ‘Square Camera’ feature which has several sub section mods like ‘Snap Shot’, which actually reduces the ‘view-finder’ to a square fitted on the upper half of the screen, while lower half shows preview of recently clicked image. ‘Match Shot’ feature of the Square Camera allows you to keep one square constant and click a ‘matching’ pic in the second square. The ‘Grid Shot’ feature in Square Camera allows you to click images on the upper square and shows preview of clicked images in 4 squares within the lower square. The Grid Shot also allows you to place upto 4 video calls on conference. The ‘Guide Shot’ feature in Square Camera lets you to match the subjects’ poses to a another still image by superimposing the old image onto the ‘view finder’ screen. User can use the slider to increase or reduce super-imposed image onto the live image.

LG G6 feature dual camera (both wide angle) which are actually put to good use to caputre wide angle images. The video depicts the same nicely. Cherry on the cake, even the front camera is a wide angle camera which has Selfie auto-shot feature. The 360 panorama image caputre function can be used with much more efficacy with the wide angle rear cameras with the LG G6.

LG G6 is also dust and water resistant. It has battery optimization feature, details of which are yet to be seen. Does battery optimizations in software mean that the physical battery is lagging in juice, needs to be checked.

Dolby Sound is a popular wannabe feature in today’s smartphones, LG G6 takes a giant leap with Dolby Vision & HDR 1o support. Dolby Vision delivers a significant improvement in brightness, contrast and color of images and videos.

Now that the phone has a big screen, it also supports Android tablet features like ‘Landscape Mode’. Here is the LG G6 offical product video. And as it comes to life with Android 7, it has the Google Assistant built-in.

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