Virtualbox 3.2 Beta Features MacOS Guests, more

VirtualBox has always been leader in performance in the Virtualization world. With more than 30  million copies of VirtualBox downloaded worldwide average a rate of 50,000 per day is now more popular than VMware workstation.

With Virtualbox 3.1 came the Live Migration feature as the virtualization industry’s first “Teleportation” capability, allowing running virtual machines to be moved between hosts — including different operating systems, types of computer (server to client) and CPUs (Intel to AMD).

Virtualbox 3.2 takes it further, and supports  “Experimental support for Mac OS X guests”. We already published an guide on how to Install Snow Leopard on Virtualbox, now it’s seemed to get official, atleast starting with Virtualbox 3.2 Beta 1.

Let’s take a look at other major additions:

  • Dynamic RAM allocation: Dynamically increase or decrease the amount of RAM used by a VM (64-bit hosts only) (aka Memory ballooning)
  • New Hypervisor features: with both VT-x/AMD-V on 64-bit hosts, using large pages can improve performance. On VT-x, unrestricted guest execution is now supported.
  • CPU hot-plugging for Linux (hot-add and hot-remove) and certain Windows guests (hot-add only)
  • Delete snapshots while the VM is running
  • Multi-monitor support
  • USB tablet/keyboard Emulation via Guest Additions
  • Better Remote Desktop: RDP video acceleration
  • Advanced Networking: NAT engine configuration via API and VBoxManage
  • Guest Additions: added support for executing guest applications from the host system

In addition, there are large number of bugfixes and performance improvements in 3D support, Mac OS X hosts, Linux, solaris guests, and Virtual machine manager.

On the other note, now Virtualbox has been rebranded to: Oracle VM Virtualbox.

Download Virtualbox 3.2 Beta 1

[via Virtualbox forums]

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  • mexicoian

    Yes, Mac OS as a guest support is provided on all versions but runs only on a mac hardware

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  • Carlosandres1918

    HI este virtualbox sirve para instalar mac os leopard ???????????

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