Visualize Twitter Tweets from any Timeline, Feed

FunTweet is a new service that leverages Twitter’s service to convert almost ant Twitter stream to Visual Images.

They already have there presence in a similar service called FunMail, that allows iPhone and android users to embed their text’s context  into places, fun graphics, and appropriate images with your original text.

FunTweet will turn text in Tweets into a matching image. By using the service, you can convert all your timelines, or a HashTag, Trending topics, or even a friend’s timeline into visual Tweets.

The concept is cool and can be used to Visualize almost anything on the web. And the next time someone tweets about a product or a thing that you never heard of before, you don’t have to google for it, its there in front of your eyes.

The next step in visual tweets could be streaming Photos instead of regular “text” Tweets.

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