Watch Live Apple September Event [Windows, iPhone, Mac]

For the first time, Apple is broadcasting its event Live on the web, as a mode to reach most Apple users.

And to webcast the Event, Apple would use Apple’s proprietary standard “HTTP Live Stream” that would be viewable ONLY on  Apple devices:

Viewing requires either a Mac® running Safari® on Mac OS® X version 10.6 Snow Leopard®, an iPhone® or iPod touch® running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPad™. The live broadcast will begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 1, 2010 at

While the protocol has been proposed as a standard, so far Apple is one of a few companies who has implemented it.

If you’re not sure you will be able to view stream, you can try loading this HTTP Live sample stream that Apple has provided.

How to Watch APPLE Live event on Windows

Update: here’s a Stream

For non-supported readers who are desperate to watch the stream close to live, it seems likely that you will be able to watch it — at least in stops and starts. The HTTP Live Stream protocol is based on very standard technologies. The stream is simply provided in an MPEG2 playlist (m3u file) that is added to as the stream continues. These standard playlists will load in VLC for both Mac and Windows. VLC, will play the above sample stream using this url:

VLC will load all parts of the stream into its own playlist. It works fine for this pre-recorded stream as the entire playlist is already constructed. The catch for tomorrow’s live transmission is that VLC doesn’t know that more will be coming, so it looks like you’ll have to repeatedly reload the playlist manually to get the next few segments. It’s not an elegant solution, but with some persistence, it seems like it will work.

Alternatively, you can use our Hackintosh Guides to get Snow Leopard running on PC.

What Might be covered in the September 1st Event

The hottest things that would be unveiled and talked about at this event are:

  • Apple iTV . yes, Finally after Google TV announcement, Apple will be the first one to launch it.
  • New iPod Touch with camera
  • Newer Macbook Pro lineup, new iMacs.

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