Browse Web Pages in 3D

Add that extra dimension to your web browsing experience with a new Firefox extension called “Tilt”.

Tilt lets you visualize a web page’s structure in 3D, may it be any site. The 3D rendering is done using WebGL which ensures that the graphics are smooth and rich. The work comes from Mozilla’s own developers which kickstarted the idea at Google Summer of Code project.

Tilt takes the DOM structure and creates a tree like representation layering each node based on the nesting in the tree, stacks of elements, each having a sense of corresponding depth and is textured based on the webpage rendering itself. The experience hence produced is the most realistic.

3D is not just the only thing Tilt does, it also gives out various infos regarding each node’s type, id, class, or other attributes, hence providing editing and viewing the inner HTML and other properties of the HTML, page DOM elements.

Controlling and navigating is easy, and can be easily be followed using the onscreen help.

Get 3D Browsing, download Tilt extension.

Download the xpi and drag-drop to Firefox, install it and look for Tilt inside the Tools menu.

Mozilla is working on Tilt and bringing some newer, cooler features soon — modifying and updating the 3D webpage mesh on the fly, rendering elements with absolute position or floats differently, a developer-friendly environment and better integration with the Ace editor and the Firefox Developer Tools.

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