What iPhones do that other phones do not

iPhone stands for quality, stability, durability, dependability.. There are many features that remain unique to the Apple iPhone. Although each and every feature of the Apple iPhone is a manufacturer’s must-have dream there still are features synonymous to the iPhone, and we discuss them as follows:

Quality – This one thing Apple team has never compromised with, and why would they eve think about diluting it? Every iPhone made till date speaks of its utmost quality. The materials, the design, the ergonomics! all make up to the uniqueness.

Optimum efficiency – Every new phone launch simply raises the bar for minimum RAM requirements and pushes the bar a bit forward. Apple iPhones are still the ones that utilize lowest of RAM power and pump out the max performance out of it. Latest iphones still come with 3GB RAM. And users are not complaining!

Camera – Each next iPhone has the best of the world smartphone camera. Even as the latest iPhone has 12MP camera and those with other OS just seem to have more Megapixels and still do not match up tot he image quality. Resolution has been reduced to just being a marketing gimmick.

Battery – In comparison to any other phone owner, iPhone owners are the ones with least battery related complaints.

Durability – We may be repeating ourselves, but durability is one such yardstick, that iPhone simply never does let the owners down with. A 3-4 year old iPhone is still as sturdy as a new one.

Trust worthy App Store and ecosystem – The Apple system, no matter it is not free, but it delivers trust! App downloads require AppleID, fingerprint, etc and one can be sure that any App downloaded from App Store is safe and is not going to destabilize your iPhone.

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