Why every bookworm deserves a Kindle Paperwhite

It does not matter if your own a smartphone a tablet or a laptop or even a TV. A Kindle is a Kindle is a PaperWhite. As we go through this article we explore the features that make this product a different league.

For the skeptical lot, first question would be why spend so much money on a device which can only be used for reading and nothing else? The answer is “Because YOU love to Read”. There is no other device in the world which can match the Kindle Paperwhite at what it does. And does it the best!

It is Love at first sight when you switch it on for the first time. I for one, kept touching the screen and wonder if it is actually a screen or just a paper made out of Wood. And the freaking screen adjusts as per the ambient light. Reader can enhance brightness to their own wish too. Its 6 inch screen is quite a handful but the light weight compensates for all the dimension complaints. For the first time i would even lay down and read without bothering of aching hand or arm due to excess weight. Its battery backup is enough to last it for a week or two depending on your usage patterns. You wouldn’t need the Wi-Fi to stay On as you would only use it to download new books once in a while.

Kindle just reads like a book. So treat it just as a book and nothing else. There are no pestering notifications. There are no calls or emails, no Facebook alerts no WhatsApp messages.One can concentrate on the reading with undivided attention just like the old book reading days. The mental juice that flow while reading can now do so unperturbed.

So briefly, what a Kindle is…

  • It does not hurt your eyes. Even after stretch reads, Best feature yet!
  • It is a ready reference dictionary, so no time wasting looking for word meanings, let the mental juices flow freely and be disturbed to look up word meanings
  • It is light. It even fits your bag pocket for anytime reading while on the go.
  • No restriction in reading under the sun or indoors
  • Battery lasts really long, as the device doesn’t suck battery like any other tablet.
  • Allows to organize notes
  • It may or may not be exactly like the paper books, but it is in no manner going to decrease your reading habit
  • It is a one click book reader. No nuances, hand down

If I read a book for 2-3 hrs at a stretch they lead to watery eyes, but Kindle does not have that feature! It does not irritate your eyes. Ofcourse other parts of your body may ache during longer reading sessions. Physically active breaks are recommended.

Caution: Don’t try to read from your Smartphone or iPad. They are not meant for reading.

So Why a Kindle again? Ok. Tell me, why buy a DSLR if your smartphone already has a camera? Got the answer?

Add to it your never ending Digital Library courtesy Amazon. You can carry full load of a dozen books in the light form factor of Kindle. Kindle Paperwhite is meant for reading, and neither your phone nor your tablet can do the job better.

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