Windows 7, Flash, MS Office on iPad, Android Tablets [OnLive Desktop]

We love our iPad but still there are limits to what you can do with it. You still can’t do full Rich formatting in Documents, prepare desktop-like presentations, edit excel with macros like a pro. Your browser would not play any videos that are in flash and so on.

OnLive, the popular Cloud Games on-deamnd company is now entering cloud PC market. They assign you a Windows 7 instance in the cloud that works seamlessly on your iPad, iPad 2. They offer a Full Windows 7, MS Office and always up to date secure OS. The app is called OnLive Desktop Plus and at about 5 megabytes, it gives you access to latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader are set up and ready to use — no installation.

OnLive, behind the scenes

OnLive has superb cloud power in their server farm, and the experience is smooth even though the servers are thousands of miles away. OnLive is the first company ever to make Cloud gaming a reality with minimal delays of the order od <50ms which makes almost any game playable. The PC experience is no different, its all streamed to you, but the experience is seamless.

OnLive worked for  10 years to create something that could be so responsive and seamless. The free version of the OnLive Desktop service offers Word, Excel and PowerPoint, a few basic Windows apps (like Paint, Media Player, Notepad and Calculator), and 2 GB of storage.

Insanely Fast

Its not just another Windows 7, it supports Touch natively with Microsoft’s Touch Pack add-on, all of this works with touch-screen gestures. This makes all your normal Touch gestures a reality on Windows 7.

OnLive Desktop is one of the fastest implementations of Windows 7 we have ever come across. Apps like MS Word open under a second, that’s like 3x times faster than quad-core Core i7 3.4Ghz Desktop.

The $5 OnLiveDEsktop Live Service

With $5 a month you get additional apps like Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and a 1-gigabit-a-second Internet connection.

This free internet connection is insanely FAST. It offers 30MBps (30mb file in one second). You can also use DropBox to sync documents with other PCs. All this speed is on the cloud, you can still use a slow Wifi on your iPad, experience would still be great!

Soon OnLive would offer another service called OnLive Pro ($10 a month), that will let you run any Windows programs you want. Photoshop, Firefox, Autodesk, games or install your own stuff.

Support for iPad, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC: Netbooks, Mac, everything

OnLive would soon extend this service to almost everything. The possibilities are endless.


Although experience is superb, there are occasional glitches in the video which are unavoidable.


We are bedazzled by this jawdropping technology. ITs definitely the future of computing when all you carry is a dumb pad, and let the cloud do all the processing.

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