Windows 7 RTM is Ready – August. A Closer Look at the Pricing

After the long spreaded rumors of Leaked RTM over the net, Today it became a reality. The final build is 7600, the final validations were done today and Microsoft’s Windows 7 are all set for Release to Manufacturers, reports Microsoft Official blog by Brandon LeBlanc.

This officially means that the development of the latest installment in the sixth generation of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (the first installment having been Vista) has now concluded. As we reported earlier, that Windows Vista is Dead, now you will not see Vista for sale nor there will be any new development on the Vista. Though support for bug fixes and service pack with continue throughout the life cycle for few years to come.

“The RTM code will be delivered to our partners within the next few days who will then start preparing to deliver some amazing new products timed to hit at General Availability (GA) of Windows 7 on October 22nd,” LeBlanc wrote this afternoon. First one will hit on August 6th.

Along with today’s announcement, the cover has been lifted on the company’s Win7 partner Web site, “Ready-Set-7.” There, new and prospective partners are encouraged to sign onto Microsoft’s logo program, “Compatible with Windows 7,” which appears to be far simpler and hopefully less confusing than the three-tier “Vista-Capable” arrangement, which remains the topic of lawsuits. Vista was a literal Failure, and industry hasn’t seen such a brilliant ones so far.

Windows 7 comes our way with the New rays of hope of looking back at windows again. Previous developer/Test builds of Windows 7 had been getting a very good response from market, and we hope to get the final version above the Bar that was set by beta builds.

Ok, enough about the expectations, tellme the Price!

Pricing Details

One liner: Microsoft will ofer different kinds of packages. The one most suited for the end user will be a a multi-license “family pack” for Windows 7 at anywhere around $135 – $149.99, according to various different online stores. The Official confirmation is still pending but these stores have already set the price, which should give us a fair Idea.

Multiple Sources: electronics and office supplies, lists something called “W7 Family Pack – Home Prem Upg” on its site for $138.99, an $11 discount from the $149.99 it claims is the package’s suggested retail price.

At $149.99, the Family Pack would save a buyer $210 over three separate Home Premium Upgrades.

Last Thursday, another uncovered information about the Family Pack, including the three-license limits, in the end-user licensing agreement (EULA) of a recently leaked build of Windows 7.

Microsoft has declined to confirm or deny that it would offer a Family Pack for Windows 7. “We expect to have other great offers in the future as we lead up to and beyond general availability,” a spokeswoman said via instant messaging two weeks ago. “[But] we have nothing to announce at this time.”

Bott also dug up prices for various versions of the Windows Anytime Upgrade, the in-place upgrade Microsoft will offer that lets users bump up from, say, Home Premium to Professional by purchasing an unlocking key. Several of those product listings were viewable late Wednesday. PC Mall, for example, has the Home Premium to Professional Anytime Upgrade priced at $99.99, while PC Nation lists it for $92.55.Computerworld found a third reseller,, that showed the same Anytime Upgrade for $94.99.

If accurate, the prices show that Microsoft will not give users much of a discount to upgrade once they have Windows 7. At suggested list prices, there’s an $80 difference between Home Premium Upgrade and Professional Upgrade, and $100 between the two “Full” editions.

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