Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone Final build – New UI, Zune like – Sneak Peek

It’s Ripe and well cooked – Windows Mobile 6.5

Yea, older 6.x wasn’t good enough. The UI was sluggish non-smooth. thanks to shiny gadgets like iPhone, Pre, Android, our expectations have grown exponentially in alst 2-3 years.

Recently, Microsoft came with something to surprise us. One event gave an exclusive demo of the final version of the new Windows Phone operating system, running on a touch screen HTC Touch Diamond2.

And yes, they renamed it from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone OS 6.5, my o my, why was that done? Doesn’t it look like iPhone OS, Palm WebOS, Android OS ? Anyway, there are good things to discuss about.

Graphics & UI – There is a complete Redesign of the OS UI and its Zune look-alike feel,  a totally new thing. I liked Zune HD and windows Phone will feature it. Graphics have improved – For the first time Windows Phone features 24-bit colors in menu icons.though all the devices that I know off supported high colors, Native support from OS was absent.

Other changes include – Icons replace the standard folder view seen after pressing the Start button. Though I didn’t like part of the UI – SMS app, email app – not much is changed in them and they still ain’t as-good-as RIM or iPhone/Pre/Android.

App Store aka MarketPlace- The Market Place for Windows Phone is Ready. It will feature all Apps that will run on Windows Phones, just like world’s most popular – iPhone’s App Store.

Syncing – MyPhone synchronisation features of the Windows Phone OS – using which the mobile’s contents can all be backed-up to the cloud via a Windows Live account. The My Phone PC client software can also remotely wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen and can download all the SMS, emails and contacts to a replacement mobile. Now this is something solid – better than what other Phones offer. iPhone does this but at a cost with MobileME. Microsoft has plans to make it available for free – Groovy!

Multi-Touch – Unfortunately, Windows Phone is still generations back here – no multi touch navigation, pinch to zoom in and zoom out – ability of the iPhone. And the bad news is – It’s not due to appear until the next Windows Phone OS release. It’s hard to use those stylus – multi-touch is a must.

Availability –

As per the news, INQUIRER

The Windows Phone OS will arrive before Christmas, possibly around the same time as the Vole’s public release of the Windows 7 operating system for PCs on October 22.

Have a look at the new UI – Source theinquirer

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