Windows Phone 7 Software updates 2011 Roadmap

Windows Phone 7 so far hasn’t shown any strong adoption, despite its good reviews. The reason is obvious, it’s all new platform that suffers the same stuff which iPhone did 3 years ago in 2007 or Android did a year ago: Premature platform, lack of features, lack of apps.

Sure we need to give it some time to mature, it would grow as long as Microsoft is desperate on its mobile OS.

There are lots of new stuff heading WP7’s way in 2011 which would bring it step nearer to Android, iOS. But yeah, it would take 1 full year.

So what’s coming ?

Update 1. “No Donuts”

The first Windows Phone 7 software update, codenamed “NoDo,” will RTM within January, after CES is over. But, it wont be available to new users until February when they start shipping new devices and OTA for existing.The update is supposed to bring

  • “copy and paste”
  • support for the Qualcomm 7×30 smart phone chipset, a CDMA location stack

Fun fact: “NoDo” stands for “No Donuts” and could be so named because the a minor Android update was called “Donut.” Wow did they copy thaat name as well?

Update 2: “Mango”

This would be a major update which will:

  • Introduce Internet Explorer 9 with with the Trident 5 rendering engine, HTML 5 and Silverlight, and gesture support.
  • New enhancements related to “entertainment”.

Microsoft had promised Multitasking in 2011, seems like that might be a part of Mango (Windows phone 7.5) which would ship near Q4 timeframe,  if not earlier.
However, it should be noted that there can be number of small updates in between mango and NoDo.
The updates would be available like as ServicePack kind of packages (just like windows), which maynot be OTA as most users might desire for.

More updates soon.

Update: WP7 Updates: Multitasking, IE9, Cross-platform Gaming

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