Wireless USB with CablesToGo Extender

USB’s have around for more than a decade and when I look back at the no. of gadgets/peripherals that connect via it, it’s huge. How do I keep my SOHO stuff managed without having wire clutter, or What if I need to move my printer to a a farther place? Wireless USB to the rescue.

The Cables To Go has come up with a  Wireless USB Superbooster Extender  that allows users to wirelessly connect a USB device such as a printer, scanner, camera  to their PC or laptop and access it from up to 150 feet away. The good thing about this wireless is that it doesn’t need the “line of sight” and hence can work across walls, rooms.

The device creates its own Wireless network between the host adapter and the device adapter, which also takes ccare of eliminating any interference if multiple offices by using proper Hopping algorithm(DSSS), and yes, it’s not standard 802.11abg Wifi.

Specs: USB 1.1 (don’t expect good data transfers over it)

wireless: 2.4 GHz, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)

With USB 3.0 coming, USB 1.1 looks so outdated.

Price is bit on the higher side,$189.99. But I guess good for those who need it.You can buy it here.

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  • A wireless USB superbooster extender is one of the great devices for USB users. It allows you to wirelessly connect a USB device like camera, PC, printer or laptop and you can access it from 150 feet away which is it’s plus point.

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