World’s Most expensive Speakers. Buy them $2M

The Top-of-the-line in the Extreme Performance Series – The US$2 millon ULTIMATE

If Transmission Audio´s ULTIMATE was to be compared to sports cars, you probably would have to combine the specifications of Ferrari, Mazerati and Koenigsegg in one chassis. This is the ultimate in audio reproduction, intended for the biggest listening rooms.This is Formula 1 on steroids!

The system, containing 4 separate dipole Subwoofers, (seen in the middle), made from a total of 40pcs of 15″ woofers, followed by 1 dipole panel per channel, each containing 24pcs of 8″ units, in turn followed by 2 full ribbon dipoles per channel, containing a total of 56 meters of true ribbons, has a sensitivity of +100dB/1W/1meter and can continously handle 15500W with +3dB headroom. A total of 31000 Watts, equalling 146dB SPL. The system comes complete with its own poweramplifiers to match.

In cas ur pocket allows, here is your destination:

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