World’s Most Google Dominated Countries: India and Brazil

In US, not one company dominates with all it’s service bundles over the others. In search, email Google dominates but in Social networks, it is the rarest to find.

Google, currently, accounts for 66 percent of all Web Searches, Video portal: YouTube, which is infact 10 times more popular than its nearest competitor, and No. 1 in Maps and blogging (blogger). Overall, Internet users in the United States spend merely 9 percent of their time online on some Google service, as per the market-research firm comScore.

Though there are countries where Google is far more dominant: India and Brazil, according to comScore’s latest data made available to the NYT. In these countries, for the every hour people spend online, about 18 minutes are on a Google service.

To be precise, In Brazil, Google accounts for nearly 30 percent of people’s online minutes and approx. 29 percent in India. The next country in terms of Google’s dominance is Ireland, where it accounts for 16 percent of online minutes. A huge difference between top two and third one.

The global average is 9.4 percent, or slightly higher than in the United States.

Google’s unbeatable lead over rivals in Brazil and India is in part the result of: Orkut, Google’s social network,  is No. 1 in those countries. Though Facebook now sees an upward trend in India, still role of Orkut in these two countries is only part of the story.

In Brazil, Google captures nearly 90 percent of all searches, 71 percent of the time spent on maps (compared with just 42 percent in U.S.) and 43 percent of the time spent on blogs (compared with 30 percent). In India, it represents 89 percent of searches, 64 percent of maps and 48 percent of blogs. The lesser time on Google Maps, blogs is due to the presence of local, and probably better services, than Google has to offer.

On the other hand, on the Email and IM front Gmail/GTalk accounts for nearly 55 percent of the Indian market (and it’s an upward trend), compared with just 6.4 percent in U.S.

 Top Ten Global Internet Markets by Google Sites' Share of Time Spent
    July 2009
    Age 15+, Home & Work Locations (by comScore)
                        Total Internet         Google Sites   Google's Sites share 
                                                               of Total minutes
                      ------------------         ------------  ---------
    Worldwide               1,541,617             145,473           9.4%
    ---------               ---------             -------           ---
    Brazil                     46,352              13,808          29.8%
    ------                     ------              ------          ----
    India                      21,799               6,294          28.9%
    -----                      ------               -----          ----
    Ireland                     1,717                 273          15.9%
    -------                     -----                 ---          ----
    Singapore                   3,326                 475          14.3%
    ---------                   -----                 ---          ----
    Portugal                    4,430                 590          13.3%
    --------                    -----                 ---          ----
    South Africa                2,764                 358          12.9%
    ------------                -----                 ---          ----
    Mexico                     23,035               2,950          12.8%
    ------                     ------               -----          ----
    Italy                      21,776               2,699          12.4%
    -----                      ------               -----          ----
    Austria                     3,435                 417          12.1%
    -------                     -----                 ---          ----
    Denmark                     3,458                 417          12.1%
    -------                     -----                 ---          ----

Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis for comScore, said that Google’s dominance in those countries has historical reasons. While on opposite sides of the world, when it comes to the Internet, India and Brazil developed in parallel, he said.

“Part of the explanation was that Google emerged onto the scene at the time these markets were developing,” Mr. Lispman said. “As Google became the default search engine, the brand extended to these other services.”

There are other countries, of course, where Google has not been able to beat local brands — notably China, the Internet market with the most users, where it lags behind Baidu, and Russia, where Yandex is the leading search engine.

But India is ranked seventh, and Brazil ninth, in terms Internet use globally. They are also two of the fastest-growing markets.

That growth obviously brings out good prospects for Google. In a way, Google still has room of expansion of its dominance in the United States.

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