WWDC 2010 Rumors, Expectations

Google finished off its overwhelming Google IO, now all eyes are now on the World Wide Developer Conference WWDC 2010 that Cupertino will be launching June 7.

Steve Jobs has assured that despite Google’s lead, Apple customers won’t be disappointed. The fourth-generation iPhone is aof course gained the maximum attraction, given at this point after an absurd number of leaks in recent weeks.

So lets try to summarize everything that has been rumored for this year’s WWDC:

Safari 5

Safari is still the most popular browser on Mac platform, and it is still pretty great, but the latest chrome leaves every browser in dust. Apple might change this as it’s been nearly an year since they updated safari browser: Safari 5 or Safari 4.5

MobileMe  Free?

In order to compete with Google, Apple will have to do more on features and also make the Mobile.me service free or very low. Recent rumors show deeper prospectives.

iTunes: Streaming music, Lala

Apple purchased the online Streaming service Lala and now had plans to bring streaming to the iTunes. The plan could be like purchasing your music and store it into cloud, and later stream to any of your  iDevice, over the air.

Google has dons so much for the cloud, Apple is seriously lacking here. This time, Apple will move on.

New Mac Pros — Finally!

Apple recently updated Macbooks but good old Mac Pros has been  neglected, for about an year now.

Intel’s new Hex-core monster Core i7-980X processor  has been rumored to be coming to Mac Pro. The processor was unveild about 2 months ago and Apple had been silent on this, but we could expect to see it now, after all Apple doesnt want to lose the creative professional customer base it has maintained over decades.

Their last year’s patent could also mean that newer Multitouch interfaces are coming for the Mac Pro

Mac OS X 10.7

WWDC was all about developers and less about a particular product. But Apple had been solely stressing on iPhone more than anything else. This worries the developers.It still remains doubtful when Apple would unveil the wraps off Mac OS X 10.7. Snow LEopard 10.6 was released less than a year ago, and later we saw 10.6.3 update followed by betas of 10.6.4 fixes.

We wont see the new interface or anything of that sort but it should be mentioned, Steve should talk about the upcoming features for the next OS.

iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad

We’ve already seen all of the cool stuff that’s presumably coming next month with iPhone OS 4.0, such as Folders, multitasking and threaded e-mail. But, iPad won’t get the 4.0 love until sometime this fall, by which time Apple will likely be on 4.1 or so.

Apple TV 2

Google TV based on android sure is a great idea. Why should apple hold back?

Rumors abound that Apple TV may get iPhone OS-ified and will adopt the tiny A4 architecture that will come standard in the next iPhone. Additionally, the new Apple TV will have 1080p HD and 16GB – 64GB of storage, as well as be a part of Apple’s rumored new cloud storage network. The best part about these rumors is that the device is slated to sell for only $99, and everything streamed right to the iPhone. Sounds amazing.

iPhone 4g/HD with iPhone OS 4.0

Its more than obvious, this is the most known as well as most awaited thing of all times. We already know so much about the new iPhone HD, thanks to the gizmodo’s leak. But wait a minute, what if Steve Jobs got comes on stage for his keynote on June 7th and presents an iPhone that was totally different from what Gizmodo and others have leaked? What if the that prototype was just an experimental dummy that never finalized, and we see all new iPhone 4G/ HD?

All rumors aside, this years iPhone upgrade would be the biggest we’ve seen so far, after all, they have to take the lead over Google Android.

And who knows if those intuitive Patents from January have something to do with latest iPhones

Read More: Our coverage of iPhone HD, iPhone 4G so far.

MacBook Air upgrade

Now that the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines have gotten a souped-up refresh, the MacBook Air is beginning to look a little more overpriced and underpowered than usual. We are expecting to see hardware upgrades with lower prices. In addition we can begin to expect touchscreens at this point.

iPhone CDMA & Verizon Love

This is something everty american user wants to see this year. Apple might just go ahead  and do it now, and who knows iPhone 4G ais all about LTE and 4G CDMA networks.

iPod Touch Upgrades

iPod Touch will definitely get upgrades they were supposed to get last year. Theywill get new camera, hardware features making them even more attractive.

One More thing

We havent heard that phrase since a while now. Who knows if apple is releaseing something totally mindblowing, apart from the new iPhone.

It could be something as easy as Open Source/developer love by opening up App Store. June is always the best month of the year for gadget freeks, this year its gonna be special.

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