WWDC 2010 Rumors

Apple might hold WWDC at Moscone West in June, as it has for the past several years.
AppleInsider noticed that Moscone West is mysteriously booked from June 28 to July 2 by “Corporate Event,” which is nothing but WWDC event for the year.

update: Latest WWDC 2010 Rumors, Expectations

iPhone’s birth June 29th, 2007 followed by the iPhone 3G at WWDC 2008 and the iPhone 3GS at WWDC 2009, everything happened in June. So what are we waiting for iPhone 4G?

Let’s get down to some Rumors that can make their way to this year’s WWDC:

1. iPhone 4G: It was expected a year ago but appeared as an upgrade to 3G, better known as iPhone 3GS. The first confirmed sources of iPhone 4G were from Foxconn, when an Employee died after he lost a prototype. From what we hear, this year’s iPhone will be a generation ahead, a true 4G (with support for LTE). We already know Verizon had been Testing 4G LTE . We heard of  iPhone coming to Verizon, hence 4G/LTE in iPhone  makes more sense.

Hardware-wise, a little is known: A better processor clocking around 1GHz (may not be a dual-core yet). Last time we heard of New job opening from Apple for Gaming, we knew it’s iPhone 4G. Gaming will be one key point in nextGen, they will chose a different and a more powerful graphics/processor chipset than Qualcomm’s snapdragon. What’s more is the 5 MegaPixel camera  with HD video recording (iPhone 3GS was already capable of HD) plus a front camera for Video chat. On the storage side, new flash getting smaller, cheaper; double the capacity is obvious – iPhones will upto 64GB.

2. iPhone 4.0 Firmware: It’s known that iPhone 4.0 is coming sometime in 2010. Generation ahead, new Firmware, new SDK would provide minimal upgrades for older iPhones but would bring a generation gap by introducing Multitasking and more modular OS capable of next-gen collaboration.

3. Apple Tablet/ iTablet: What has caused more News than Apple’s Tablet? This was the mot awaited gadget of 2009 that could finally make it’s way in mid-2010. More rumors: All Tablet Archive.

Update: Apple Hints “New 7-inch mobile device to developers, Tablet confirmed!”

4. New MacBooks /iMac:

Like every other WWDC, newer lighter, greener, faster MacBooks and iMac will lineup. The possible upgrades includes Intel’s 32nm Nehalem upgrades that will show up first in CES 2010. Graphics are also supposed to get significant upgrades with higher VRAM, and clocks. There’s one mystery patent done by Apple recently: 3D Hands-free computing, is that coming to Macs ? or perhaps a new device ?

5. iPod/ iTouch:

iTouch will get camera, and processor upgrade. Like iPhone, iTouch and iPod storage will see double values too.

More to come, stay tuned!

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