Xbox 360, PS3 Hybrid Mod

While Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 fight is ON for years, hardcore gamers know the best way out: Buy both. PS3 best for its exclusive titles and better graphics for most FPS, (& Kinect) on Xbox 360.

But it could be even better if you can get both Xbox 360, PS3 in one box: A Hybrid. A modder has managed to fit PlayStation 3 fat and   Xbox 360 slim together into one well designed case. Of course the package gives out two video outputs to drive different displays, enabling Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games to be played simultaneously.

The design is not consumer class, but enough to satisfy modder’s taste. Going by facts, its all well ventilated and cooled knowing the fact that these two machines together can generate a lot of heat. There’s no expensive liquid cooling deployed here, its just a powerful air cooling fan that takes care of spitting out all the heat, without any trouble.

Modder claims that the console temperature doesn’t go above 5 degrees than the ambient room temperature, however, mileage may vary.

While the product is not for sale you can sure learn how to DIY when modder releases the tutorial.

via imgur, reddit

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