Xbox One Features, Details, Specs

Xbox One is the Next generation of Xbox 360 console, which comes as an upgrade after more 8 years long wait.


Xbox One sports an inbuilt Kinect camera which is upgraded to 1080 FullHD wide-angle, to capture more around it with greater detail and faster motion 60fps capture. The new Xbox One reads depth, orientation, motions, better than before. Not just the Kinect camera, even the new controller has received a condemnable facelift.  The new motion controller processes a stunning 2GB of data per-second to accurately read your environment.

Xbox One Specs

The specs of Xbox One match well to the Sony’s PlayStation 4. It uses the same CPU-GPU combo from AMD. The Jaguar Octa-core processors delivers the best performance on x86 platform.

  • CPU: AMD’s Jaguar 8-core processor (x86), same as PS4
  • 800GB Hard drive
  • USB 3.0
  • Bluray player
  • 802.11 abgn, ac, Wifi Direct


Xbox One brings all the things together: Xbox, TV, Music, Windows apps. Xbox One integrates well with Windows 8 devices like Tablet, Phones and PC. Almost everything on this device can be controlled with Voice, including powering it on, switching between TV, Movie, Music, Apps, Games.


Xbox One also gives Xbox LIVE a feature and face-lift. Gamers can now persist game progress in the cloud and continue from anywhere else.


With launch, Microsoft and EA announced Exclusive Game titles for Xbox One like Fifa 14, along with new Halo Television series, directed by Steven Spielberg. Call Of duty Ghosts would launch with  Xbox One first and eventually PC and PS4.

Watching TV on Xbox One

Xbox One heavily designed around entertainment. Everything is heavily controlled with voice. You can get to TV by saying “Xbox, watch TV”. And finding your favorite programs, channel and switching to it is easy with new voice commands. Voice command “Xbox go to ESPN” would should score cards right on screen along with program guide.

TV on Xbox One is heavily social. You can see Trending programs, content and choose to see what others are watching right now.

Two things at once

Xbox learns from Windows 8’s Modern UI. You can snap a second application on the sidebar. e.g. you can Skype with a friend while watching TV or playing a game.

Switching between apps is also slick. You can say “watch movie” in-between of a game and it would switch to that in a blink.

New Kinect

Kinect sensor receives spec upgrade with wider, faster camera that sees more that before. Talk about specs and this 3D camera can do 60FPS at 192x1080p. It can now detect twist of a wrist, your body balance, and even read your Heartbeat while you exercise.


Kinect needs no light to operate as it uses IR beam, very similar to night-vision cameras.

The Controller

The Xbox game controller gets significant upgrade too. It now supports force feedback right into the trigger, not just the body of the controller.

Its 100% more precise than before and reduces the delays further by few 100 nanoseconds.

Xbox One Architecture

Xbox One is based on the powerful and proven Windows 8 Kernel and integrates it well with Xbox services. As an advantage, you can run Internet Explorer, Skype, other apps swiftly and smoothly. This also brings better SmartScreen features to the platform e.g. controlling TV, content via second screen like Tablet, phone.

Exclusive Gaming Titles

It will release with 15 games in the first year, eight of which will be brand new franchies. Forza Motorsport 5 was demoed on the Xbox One, and the reflections, textures of the materials, and lighting looked amazing.

Another game from Remedy (Maker of the Max Payne series) called Quantum Break was showcased to impress.

Xbox One Pricing and Availability

Xbox one would be available later this year by the end of Q3 2013. Estimated price at launch is expected to be $399 for the elite model.

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