Install Chrome OS on Macbook Air

You may not be looking to buy a separate netbook just for attaining the top notch security for your OS, but what you can always do is Install Chrome OS on your exisiting Macbook Air.

Previously,  we had shown you how you can install chrome OS on notebook, desktop PC using bootable USB and install Chrome OS on Virtualbox, vmware, this is the step further in that direction bringing full hadware support to MBA with nightly builds of Chromium OS.

Warning: This method does a clean install, you would lose all your data, make backups before proceeding.

How to Install Chrome OS on Macbook Air [Chromium OS]

Step 1: Download Chromium OS from hexxeh’s site here and extract it.

Step 2: Using dd, burn the download image of Chromium on a USB (check this guide)

Step 3: Plugin the USB and boot your Macbook Air along with OS X install drive.

Step 4: Hold the “C” key on your keyboard and simultaneously press the power button, moment you see the apple logo, you can now leave the “C” key.

Step 5: You would now enter wizard that guides you through installation. When done with language selection, you would enter the wizard.

Step 6. Click “Utilities” from top menu and select Terminal.

Step 7: Type the commands:

dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=4m count=512

Step 8: When done, hold down the power button till it powers off.

Step 9: Unplug the USB drives and now power on your Air. Wait for few seconds and you’re done.

What’s broken:

  • Boot times are not as good as REal chromebooks (22 seconds vs 8s)
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work (Coming soon)

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