Palm Pre SDK leaked. Available for Download.

Earlier, Palm welcomed hackers to hack-ing their devices and explore the possibilities exposed by WebOS. And now, the wait is for the software development kit for the Pre to hit the streets. The Mojo SDK is open for limited testing, but apparently (as expected), someone decided to leak the download link, and thanks to the web, the SDK can now be downloaded all over the place.

When Palm first showed the Pre in January during the CES this year, they stated that the device would hit the shops in the first half of 2009. They barely made this deadline, but a casualty of meeting this deadline was the SDK, which was not ready for release alongside the Pre itself. Instead, Palm promised the SDK for this summer.

You can already play with the SDK now. If you are curious to know who did it, It was Pre-insiders posted a download link.They insist this was tweeted by user @robovalzuniga but he refuses to take the claim. He says he just re-tweeted the link, but didn’t leak it out.

Download Links (as by Pre-insiders):
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Rapidshare Torent (mininova) My Unspace 2Shared Mediafire

Obviously, the SDK is in beta, and Palm doesn’t want it to be out yet. They haven’t contacted any of the sites reporting on this one just yet (it was the weekend, after all), but there’s of course also the remote possibility that the SDK isn’t leaked, but that is has been “leaked”. Pure speculation, though, obviously.

And the fact of the matter is – Palm can use the SDK. The application catalogue for the Pre is quite small (they hit the 1 million apps downloaded, compared with Apple App Store’s Billion). The demand is so high, in fact, that Pre tinkerers have already found out an incredibly easy way to get new applications on the device – without even having to root it (rooting is similar to Jailbreak on iPhone).

The SDK comes with a webOS emulator (Just like iPhone SDK), so it could also be fun for those of us without interests as a developer. uhh one more thing, leaked version is windows version.

So you are free to hack Pre, develop official Apps and whats next? Plug new hardware though aux port like iPhone does?

Source: OSNews, PreCentral, Pre-insiders

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