Android on iPhone 3G

After just a few days of work of Installing Android on iPhone 2g, its has been made possible on iPhone 3G.

What works: You can use the Android OS to connect to WiFi, browse the web and Run any application that does not require audio support, as well as send and receive SMS text messages over the cell phone radio.

This Android port is definitely better than the one for iPhone 2g. There are lots of under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes: For instance the Wi-Fi driver has been hacked to work with all the Android-specific extensions, making it more stable and reliable.

What’s Next: The most feature asked for is Audio support, that will be coming in few days.

Apart from that Better power management and backlight control is also on TODO list for the developer. The end result (within couple of months) would be that everyone would be able to use iPhone 2g, 3G as fulltime Android phone, without any hickups.

Stick with us, the binaries and installation guide would be available soon. We’ll keep you updated @taranfx.

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