Android ROMs, Projects for HP TouchPad

Android on HP Touchpad is not a far dream now, multiple teams around the globe are racing to get Android OS running on HP TouchPad, based on different ROM ports.

TouchDroid was one of the first projects to get started on porting android to touchpad. Joining the force were couple of other small groups. Here’s a list of ROMs that will be available on Touchpad:

  • Touch-Droid (Android 2.3) [link], Jivanish & AndroidBall showcased Android 2.2.1 already ported [link]
  • Unknown ROM using Quic bootloader [link] and [link] and [link]
  • Cyanogenmod 7 (Gingerbread) [link]

Cyanogenmod 7 on TouchPad

The video (see below) shows CyanogenMod running on the TouchPad as of last week, but the team says more progress has been made since that was filmed. As of today, the build offers more tablet tweaks, includes LVM support (for managing storage), and will include 2D hardware acceleration “soon.”

TouchDroid on TouchPad

Communities, Forums for Android On TouchPad

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