Android Video Calling app: Fring

fring-android Fring has always been the first to bring various services to the mobile phone, but that’s a different story that they never provided best service altogether. Today they have announced video calling on Android handsets.

The new Fring client for Android has all the usual VoIP and messaging functions: aggregating identities from Skype, GTalk and SIP-based telephony services, as well as ICQ, AIM and, but new thing is all about video-calling goodness with their iPhone and Symbian contacts, out of the box.

Fring app will automatically check the available hardware processing power with video calling only appearing if it’s actually possible. But that should include the Nexus One, Motorola Droid and HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, EVO, XPERIA or anything equivalent.

The best part is that it works with Skype, so that means that you should see (and be seen by) any Skype user, assuming you’ve found a Wi-Fi or decent 3G connection that can do atleast 512kbps, reliably.

Fring is getting the video chat to more platforms. Fring already has one way video calling on iPhone which can be hacked for full 2-way calling moment iPhone 4g/HD arrives.

Fring, as a company, has invested a lot in mobile communications but is still searching for a revenue model since its apps are free.

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