Archos 9 Tablet: The slim Windows 7 Touch PC

It’s Apple’s day Today with Septemebr 9th event starting in couple of minutes, no Hopes for the Apple Tablet but the Archos 9 could give us a substitute .

This Tablet runs Windows 7, that costs $500.

It’s pretty slim measuring barely 0.63-inch, Archos 9 feels pretty sturdy in hands, though heavy. Archos says it only weighs 1.2 pounds, but something about the balance is wrong, because it felt heavier. The hardware is pretty simple—a 9-inch resistive touchscreen (no multitouch) with a few surrounding physical buttons.

Originally, this device was bound to be a Netbook, but it lost it’s keyboard and became Tablet. May be Archos thought there’s more excitement for Tablet PCs than Netbooks, thanks to Apple.

A keyboard trigger can be found on the right which launches Win 7’s finger-friendly keyboard.  If you don’t like using your finger on the screen, there is a tiny optical trackpad on the right and two mouse buttons on the left side. The touchscreen is pretty responsive, and there is a stylus on the back, so I don’t see the need to really reach for the bitty mouse.

The Archos 9 comes with Windows 7 Starter (that means NO Aero) and its 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z515 processor and 1GB of RAM run it well. Watching a 720p Windows Media clip is a good deal on this tablet.

It sucks on storage: 60GB HDD.

The battery life isn’t good enough. It has a 4-cell battery, it won’t get more than 2.5 hours, with HD playback.

Recommended for people whose primary purpose is similar to that of Netbooks, no hardcore processing.

Credits Gizmodo

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