Auto Rotate/Orient Camera towards Subject [iPhone, Android] Auto-Follow Camera

Shooting videos of yourself  and finding it hard to orient your phone’s camera, or a digital camera towards yourself ? Do you just keep on losing your face on Facetime ? Checkout this kool new hardware from Satarii #mce_temp_url#that orients towards the subject for an iPhone or Android camera to capture the scene.

This handy little gadget comes with a marker (a wireless device) which when attached or held with a subject,  drives the rotor of the base station which holds and rotates iPhone/Android or any equivalent Camera.

You’ve to see it to believe it:

The device is an experiment at this time, but can be ordered from their website. You can also help them design the perfect device here.

System Specifications

  • Supports both portrait and landscape use of iPhone4 or iPod touch and even android devices.
  • Comes with one marker per base
  • Rotates 180 degrees
  • Works whenever the base can “see” the remote up to 8meters indoors and outdoors
  • Base and marker will be battery powered with purchase-able, off the shelf batteries. Marker will be larger than pictured in the “looks like” model to accommodate two AAA batteries and will not be made to dock into the base.
  • Does not include video app controls
  • Not for use with cameras that weigh more than 6oz.

“Seriously, Follow us.”

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