Bandwidth Challenges for Enterprise

Most small-medium enterprises (SMEs) suffer from bandwidth shortages pertaining to users engaging in file sharing applications who were consuming all of its network bandwidth.

Often companies deploy expensive solutions to tackle the problem by blocking unwanted traffic and prioritizing wanted traffic. Few such solutions attracting interest are Exinda, and packeteer,  now owned by Bluecoat.

With network traffic growing exponentially, application performance and WAN optimization are two of the biggest IT challenges that organizations face. Until now, network managers and administrators lacked a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth while meeting user expectations for fast application response.

Exinda and other such products revolutionizes the way organizations manage their network by offering an affordable and easy to use appliance that delivers visibility, control and optimization.

The demand for deep packet inspection is growing for all kinds of enterprises, not just hospitality companies like InTown Suites, says Phil Hochmuth, a senior analyst with Yankee Group.
To really get at what is going on with a lot of these new file sharing or Web 2.0 applications, you have to crack open the packets to see what’s in the stream and that requires a deeper level of intelligence. It gets a little bit of a bad rap…but a lot of enterprises are looking at this.
Hochmuth says the cost of application-layer inspection devices is coming down, thanks to faster, cheaper processors.

These technologies can be deployed more broadly, not just at your data center or just at your most critical link,. People want deeper information about what kind of traffic is running over their networks, and they want it in more places.

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