Best Gaming Engine: Unreal Engine 4

When it comes to developing games, developers love using Gaming engines to create those superb, graphics-rich Games that appeal gamers.
Unreal Engine is the Defacto standard for game development.

Unreal Engine 4 is now out and it has promises to keep. UE4 lives upto its developers name, Epic. The gaming graphics appeal with their extra ordinary realism and dynamic color and lightning.

Unreal Engine 4 brings realism like no other, in the demo, the armor-laden man paired with the castle setting reminds me a lot of Infinity Blade – a popular, landmark iOS title also powered by Epic’s Unreal engine.

The new engine does two things: it more or less does away with “static” lighting, where light would essentially be painted on things in a game so that expensive lighting calculations wouldn’t need to be done. And it makes it so that light not only shines onto things correctly, but also reflects and emits off objects. So now, a whole scene can be lit essentially the same way the real world is lit, with no fakery.

In the video, sr. developer talkes about breakdown of the improved engine, which offers a little more detail and state of the art dynamic lighting. The graphics footage was actually captured on a computer rocking a single graphics card, which is, in itself, is quiet impressive.

You may just have to trust me that it makes a huge difference. An entire scene being lit by the light coming through a window, complete with perfect shadows, motes in the air, and reflected light on the walls from the carpets and objects… it’s massively different from the complicated, artificial lighting that you see in games today. And most importantly, your brain doesn’t immediately flag it as… well, unreal.

The gaming engine Unreal Engine 4, will soon make its way to iPad, iPhone and Android tablets, phone. The gaming graphics are superb for mobile devices.

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