Confirmed Hardware Rumors for iPhone NextGen – Countdown to WWDC 2009

featuredWhat is the good thing about Apple?

They keep their customers happy with rumors and surprises. It’s thie starategic plan to keep innovating and increasing the passion of the Geeks. There are a ton of last minute rumors that have surfaced, and it is only appropriate we round them all up and present them to you for your reading pleasure.

WWDC 2009 is coming with barely 3 more days to go and day by day, we get more reliable and more sense proofs for the Rumours we have heard so far. I`ve tried to capture all which are based on Solid proofs. the one’s having 70% and aboce probability is highly likely to be there.

Don’t forget to check-back this post after WWDC June 8th, Taranfx should give you good accuracy in the predictions.

Faster processor (More MHz) and  possibly more RAM

Probability: 97%

Any hardware upgrade typically should receive a performance boost. Reliable sources tell that the next iPhone will have a 600MHz processor (from 400MHz). That would make the next iPhone 50% as fast as the current one. Also, a recent job listing reveals (wired) that Apple is hiring a hardware level iPhone programmer who is familiar with the ARMv7 Cortex mobile processor, which is much faster than the current iPhone’s ARMv6-based chip. As for memory, we’d expect Apple to increase RAM to complement the processor upgrade.

More Storage: 16GB and 32GB

Probability: 96%

The current iPhones come in two models: 8GB and 16GB. Upping the storage to 16GB and 32GB is a small, incremental upgrade, which would allow Apple to maintain the price points for the handset.

Magnetometer (digital compass)

Probability: 93%

A large amount of evidence indicates that the next iPhone will feature a magnetometer, a 3-axis compass that will greatly enhance its global positioning capabilities. Developers testing the iPhone 3.0 beta have found system files and screenshots referring to a magnetometer, which suggests the hardware feature will appear in the next iPhone.

3.2-megapixel camera or better with auto-focus lens

Probability: 91%

UI screens discovered in the iPhone 3.0 beta suggest the next iPhone will have auto-focus. The current iPhone sports a 2-megapixel camera, and analysts say the next iPhone’s resolution must be at least 3.2 megapixels in order for the smartphone to remain competitive. but we could expect low probability for 5.0 MP.

Same  design as previous models with minor upgrades

Probability: 90%

All the probable rumors suggest this will be an incremental upgrade, so we would not expect Apple to change much in the industrial design. That would mean the screen resolution should remain the same. Also, Apple would hesitate to change much about the overall form factor, as it would require iPhone application developers to dramatically change their apps just for the new phone. But we should expect a change in the rear of iPhone which used to be a glazed plastic being replaced with Matt-finished rubber synthetic.

Video-recording support and editing capabilities

Probability: 70%

Some geeks have published screen captures of a video interface discovered in iPhone 3.0 beta. A major complaint about the current iPhone is its inability to record video, so it would be surprising if Apple didn’t deliver this feature. We would give this rumor a higher rating if there were evidence of video-editing capabilities. Currently, we haven’t seen any.

Illuminant Apple logo on the rear

Probability: 68%

Unnecessary. Rumor comes from an obscure blog with little cred.

1.3 times the battery life of the current models

Probability: 50%

A major complaint about the iPhone 3G is its meager battery life. Therefore, Apple will most likely claim the next iPhone has improved battery life. We’ll have to test the next iPhone’s battery life to see if Apple’s claims are true.

OLED screen

Probability: 20%

An obscure iPhone blog reported a rumor that the next iPhone will feature an OLED screen. However, this is unlikely as OLEDs are expensive and would likely drive the iPhone’s price points higher. Evidence of this feature is scant.

4G communications (Wi-Max)

Probability:17% There are no proofs for this yet, but its likely possible. First was 2.5G, 2nd was 3G, now 4G makes sense.

Built-in FM receiver

Probability: 12%

There doesn’t seem t be much evidence for this, but I would still like to expect, you never know 😉

Feel free to add your predictions 🙂

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