Create Torrent File from Web-Hosted File

Its easy to create Torrent File for a file available on your local PC. But what about the files you have uploaded to online drives, and sharing sites?

Burnbit is here to kill this pain by letting you generate a torrent for any file hosted online. The inherent advantages being faster speeds and local bandwidth conservation, and will be available 24/7.

P2P networks can now get impressive speed boosts and availability, experienced never before.

Burnbit is a new service aimed at people who are looking for a convenient and efficient way to share files via BitTorrent, without consuming too much bandwidth. After uploading a file to a web-server, Burnbit users can generate a torrent file to share with the public.

Burnbit’s concept isn’t all that new. All the popular BitTorrent clients allow users to add a web-mirror nowadays. However, Burnbit gives additional features, with ease.

First and foremost, its easy to use. You don’t need to be a Geek to use it. BurnBit provides a inbuilt snippet for sharing .torrent file, and webmasters can even track various stats, like the download count and the number of seeds and leechers.

Burnbit’s network is growing. At the time of its launch the site already indexes more than 150,000 files which the site’s crawlers have found while browsing the web. All the files have been automatically categorized, but users can add their own categories when they upload files. All Torrents created are available publicly and is automatically listed on their website.

BurnBit can bring p2p revolution, after all, ease of use increases adoption.

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