Develop Android, iOS iPhone, WP8 apps using Java [Windows]

Codename one allows you to write true native apps for all major mobile device OS.

Codename one is much better than current alternative tools like PhoneGapp. The apps built using Java code which runs on Dalvik VM in android, Native C code on iOS, resulting in 3x time performance boost in iPhone / iPad applications compared to native Objective C code. yes 3 times faster!

Codename One is Free and built by Open Source community. This framework provides you with:

  • Full Android environment with super fast android simulator
  • A iPhone/iPad simulator with easy to take iPhone apps to large screen iPad in minutes.
  • Full support for standard java debugging, profiling for apps on any platform.
  • Easy themeing / styling – Only a click away
  • Templates for Tablet, phone apps (Fragments for android / UIViews on iOS)
  • UI consistency, easy to alter
  • Inbuilt animations, fonts and more.
  • Great designer for layouts, UI components: LinearLayout, FrameLayout, etc.
  • Full support for localization, multiple dpi support and more.
  • Inbuilt resources generator, 9-patch images, and more.
  • Build iOS apps without Mac: i.e. Develop iPhone apps on Windows. This is made possible because Codename one hosts Mac Pros in the cloud, you can leverage their power for building, and signing iOS binaries and then deploy to local simulator or Real device: iPhone, iPad.
  • Supports Eclipse and Netbeans.

Using Codename one, you don’t need to know about complexity of implementation in Android or iOS. Things like androidManifest and layout xml are omitted with UI based designer. It also has inbuilt support for generating resources for every DPI.

For iOS, you don’t need to be on Mac OSX. You can pretty much use your windows Machine to do all the iOS development and your final builds and binary signing will happen on Codename one’s cloud, eliminating the need of a OSX. The signed binary can be used on the provided simulator or even on actual iPhone, iPod touch, iPad device.

Video Introduction, Tutorial

Video 1: Introduction: How Codename one works, Features overview:

Video 2: Creating hello world app and deplying it on Device


Video 3: Creating and using Layouts using inbuilt designer

Watch all video tutorials on Youtube channel

Lots of apps have been developed using Codename One, you can check them out here.

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