Download Windows Blue Leaked Build – Features Overview

Windows 9 or Windows Blue is going to be the next version of windows. Microsoft is revamping its product strategy starting with Windows Blue. Redmond software giant would ship a new version of Windows OS every year, just like Mac OSX.

Windows Blue is all about improving over what Microsoft learned with Windows 8, and take it further.

Download Leaked Windows Blue Build

A leaked copy of Windows Blue build 9364 has shown up on several file sharing websites. The downloadable ISO file is large at 2.63GB. You can Google for:

9364.0.FBL_PARTNER_OUT13.130315-2105_X86FRE_CLIENT_EN-US-IMP_CCSA_DV5.ISO” or here is a direct link to download.

The new build shows several improvements for the Windows 8 platform including a choice of smaller or larger Live Tiles on the Start screen.

What’s New in Windows Blue


SkyDrive is now a part of the basic Control Panel in the Modern UI interface. When you open the Modern UI version of the Control panel, you will find SkyDrive integration built right in.

There are options for Storage Use, Device Backups and Files.

Snap to It

Older Snap is boring with only two apps. Now you can snap more programs into place. With Windows  Blue, upto 4 apps can be snapped into view.

You can navigate back and forth between all without need of the old-fashioned alt-tab option that we have all grown rather accustomed to. New alarm, sound recorder, movie moments, and calculator Windows 8 -style apps will also take advantage of these new views.

Snap to it is now Multi-monitor friendly, so are all the Modern-UI apps.

Modern UI Revamp

Improvements in Modern UI can be seen everywhere from larger, well placed tiles to charmsbar and customization/personalization options.

Other additions include a Play option under the Devices panel, a screenshot button on the Share sidebar, and Internet Explorer 11, which comes packaged with the new OS.

For more Screenshots, checkout this forum.

Windows Blue Video Reviews, Impressions



Christina DesMarais says:

Blue [is] the codename for the first of a number of annual…updates to Windows 8 that is expected to hit late this summer. Supposedly Blue will [also] span. Windows Phone, Windows Server, Windows RT, SkyDrive and
Blue is optimized for power efficiency. …when sleeping an ultrabook would remain connected to Internet-based apps such as email and social networks, so it remains constantly up to date.

Tom Warren claims:

Build 9364, a partner version that was originally compiled on March 15th…includes some of the new changes that Microsoft is building into its significant Windows 8 update. Smaller tile arrangements and even a larger desktop one…greater control over the color personalization options.
Other improvements include a number of new options in the Windows 8-style settings screen…to ensure tablet users don’t have to drop to the desktop Control Panel. Microsoft is also making changes to its Charms. On the Share Charm there’s a new screenshot option that lets you quickly share an image with applications. Touch users can also use new gestures throughout.
[It’s] expected to enter public preview over the coming months, with a full release due later this year.

And Joe Wilcox agrees:

Everything about Windows Blue suggests an accelerated OS development pace, which significance cannot be understated. Look how far Google’s mobile OS and browser have come since their release in late 2008.
Microsoft is the new IBM. The company that caters to big business and doesn’t bring big ideas to market. Windows Blue could be a bold, next step. … [It’s] an opportunity for Microsoft to show that it can keep pace.
[It] must balance the preferences of the enterprise. against the need to move faster. Android and iOS look like toys by comparison.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on Windows Blue:

The interface is going to be the same old Metro mess. What gives, Microsoft? Call me crazy, but really Microsoft, would it kill you to add a Start button?
Wow, resizable and multiple windows on the screen at once. What a great idea! Gosh, we haven’t seen that since, oh, Windows 7.
The fix Windows 8 really needs is to dump Metro…but Microsoft seems unwilling to change its course. Oh well, if it wants people to explore Google Chromebooks, so be it.

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