Need to get ECG, EEG tests done? There’s an App for that

Suffering from a chronic disease and hate being ECGd often? Time for it to become fun, coz there’s an App for that.

Dutch researchers have hacked electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors to Android phone using an ultra-low-power short-range network.

The app tracks & displays the Live readings with a pretty graph of your own heart activity. The graph’s behavior is monitored by the app and the app can take actions when it thinks it the time. If your heart stops or lags for a bit, the app can immediately contact a doctor, or the emergency services, via Wi-Fi or 3G.

In addition, app can support other sensors that can attach  easily with Body Area Network (BAN). With the right straps, electroencephalogram (EEG)  is also  made possible, and the app would track changes in your neurological condition.

The app can be extended, as per the authors, to even support other medical checkups like blood Pressure, sugar levels, etc.

The hacked device is called the ‘Human++ BAN’. Human Plus (H+). The app certainly gives us highlights of what would be possible with Open source & mobiles in Future – You won’t have to go  to a doctor, there’s a doctor anytime, anywhere in your pocket.

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