Fastest Book Scanner Scans as you Flip Pages

Book-scanner Its only seen in the movies where Robots and Mutated heroes can flip through the books in a matter of seconds and still store all of it. But the latest research done in University of Tokyo has brought it to real life.

According to IEEE Spectrum “book flipping scanning” method that does digitizing of 200 pages per minute, according, which is their first hope to digitize Japanese manga comics.

The scanner’s camera runs at 500 frames per second, and captures rapidly flipping book pages in two modes. First, a regular line shines on the page to capture text and images. The second mode then manages neat the trick of reconstructing 3D curved, distorted pages into the original form. A laser device projects lines onto each page that the system can use to recreate the 3-D page model and correct the deformed lines.

Google uses similar scanning technique but much slower and inferior. I wonder what would happen if Google gets its hands-on this device, they will digitize every damn book, comic just over a year.

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