Firefox 3.6 gets Windows 7 Integration

Here comes the Mozilla’s first Beta for release of Firefox 3.6. As we benchmarked Firefox 3.6 earlier, it’s 25 percent faster than Firefox 3.5.

What makes Firefox 3.6 more interesting is the Windows 7 integration — It integrates with the new taskbar in Windows 7. [Discussed in detail in Windows 7 Review]

What’s the Deal? The Tabs within Firefox will show up as previews when you hover over Firefox‘s taskbar entry in Windows 7, in the same way IE8 already does it. This makes Firefox one of the few applications to offer integration with Windows 7’s new taskbar. [iTunes 9 is also one of them].

Firefox 3.6 also brings visual previews when you use the ctrl+tab method to switch tabs – Windows 7 style. This feature is disabled by default, so you need to dive into about:config, find the browser.ctrlTab.previews key and set it to true. Restart Firefox, and experience the new tabbing feature, it’s all beautiful.

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The new tab switching feature also shows an option called “Show all n tabs“. This will bring up a permanent preview window with an instant search field to search through your open tabs. The navigation through tabs becomes much more easier.

Excited already? Get it from Mozilla’s FTP server.

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  • moo

    Looks pretty cool – I hope these new features are a sign that they've fixed the hideous performance problems. My gran is 25 percent faster than Firefox 3.5..

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