Firefox 4 Theme Transform

Firefox 4 brings state of the art user interface. Surely, it’s inspired from chrome but  goes a step further by making it a sweet eye candy.

Have a look at Firefox 4 – Screenshots

Of course, it isn’t released but confirmed that work is being done on it.  But we will assist you in getting the same Look and feel on your existing Firefox 3.x. Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Form the menu View > Toolbars > Customize, Move your stop button next to the Address Bar and next to Reload button. We will combine them like in Firefox 4 over next steps.
  2. Download Strata Reloaded, and StrataBuddy the base of our Transformation.
  3. (optional) Download the theme and install (click Tools > Add-Ons > Themes). And then, Drag and Drop the file strata40_v0.3.jar to the theme section. (Note: you can use the theme inbuilt in Strata reloaded, but this one in more beautiful)
  4. Now we will remove those traditional menu items “File Edit view..” and change it to something snappier. The Add-On called Personal Menu is needed for that change.
  5. Next, we mock a loading progress bar. Download an Add-on called Fission here. After installation,  goto Add-ons, choose browse to get a new loading image. Browse to the folder where you have extracted the theme and select loading_bar.png.
  6. Next step is to combine search and address-bars. Download OmniBar Add-on and and install it.
  7. (optional) Now, we will remove our Standard Windows title bar. This can be done by using the Add-on called HideCaption.
  8. If you’re one Windows Vista or Windows 7, we will make your title bar transparent. To do this, Tools> addons> Strata buddy > options > Select Firefox 4.0, Aero Glass. This gives a nice Glassy look.

It’s highly customizable, and you can fine tune it to your preferred settings. For moreFirefox Tips, and Tech guides you can catch us Live @Taranfx on Twitter.

Firefox 4 is way far, meantime you can look at Firefox’s Latest Beta release Firefox 3.6 (Performance benchmark, features)

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