First Android TV – Scandinavia

Android TVAndroid is widening its horizontal space, after entering the cars, now invades the HDTV market. Swedish company called, inexplicably, People of Lava has announced what they’re calling and Android-based TV.

The TV is called the “Scandinavia“, and features a FullHD 42-inch LED Backlit screen. The Scandinavia Android TV will later get attractive  47” and 55”. Its Android platform and internet capabilities provide a wide range of functionalities, including:

– Out of the box Android TV applications such as: – YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser
– Downloadable Apps, both free and from coming App-store: – Facebook, Twitter, Email and more…
– Internet connection
– USB connection

They have considerably done a good job at expanding the Android to a large screen perspective. The UI is pretty attractive and promising.

Initially, the TV would run Android 1.5 with their dedicated  “People of Lava App Store“. Of course normal Android apps would run but i’m not sure if they would be even usable (coz lack of touchscreen). So a couple of potential hold-ups here. It’s kind of difficult to predict how popular would this App store be to get enough applications to convince a buyer. And even if they do get the quantity up, how many of those apps would actually be usable.

But I see a space where this could  attain notable success. Hotel Rooms, lobbies, Receptions and airports where custom videos, slideshow, web content (like weather), flight info would add hell a lot of value. If the concept pops-up well, we could see a large number of TV manufacturers jumping into the Android TV race and things could start getting interesting.

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  • Nice futures and interesting functions.i really enjoy this technologies.i wish i can buy it in my country.

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