Flash 10.2 brings Full HD 1080p Video GPU Hardware acceleration, better rendering

Adobe wants to undo the damage the brand had coz of getting ditched by Apple from iOS platform and coming OSX Lion. Adobe has announced the launch of the Flash Player 10.2 Beta that comes with a bundle of new features and broader hardware acceleration for videos.

Flash Player 10.2 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in adobe labs.

Stage Video API — full hardware acceleration for videos

Stage Video API delivers best-in-class, high performance video playback across platforms. Flash Player 10.1 had support for hardware decoding of H.264 content, arguably the most taxing part of playing back video.
The new API uses the GPU rather than the CPU for even more stages (hence the name) of the video rendering pipeline, including color conversion, scaling and blitting. So how much CPU will it use now for playing 1080p HD videos? NIL. Yes, for most cases, when available is fairly good, you will have almost no processing on CPU.

However, to take the full advantage of the Stage API, Content providers have to update their video players. Just because Adobe has good partnership with Google, expect them to be rolling out soon on Youtube and Android. From what we’ve heard it is already available on Google TVs and under test with Youtube.

IE9 hardware acceleration support and multi-monitor support
The new beta also includes Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration support , enhanced text rendering, a native custom mouse cursors API and support for full screen playback with multiple monitors.
Flash Player will also use the GPU to render other graphic elements leading to a performance boost of up to 35 percent in some cases. Apart from that, users will be able to watch a full-screen flash content on multiple monitors.

Native custom mouse cursors

Flash developers looking to add more personality to their apps, or just to annoy their users, can now create native custom mouse cursors. This means that they’ll be able to create custom mouse themes which will then be handled natively by the operating system, a much better and faster way to the alternative, rendering a custom cursor inside Flash.

Sub-pixel Text Rendering:

S-pixel text rendering enhances the Font type faces, making them better looking regardless of the fonts or local scripts used. It makes the typography beautiful on just any device.

Flash Player 10.2 Beta for Windows, Linux, Mac is available for download here.

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