[How to] Flash on iPhone

Despite the User’s demands, Apple has never heard them on getting Adobe Flash on iPhone. Of course, we miss that eye candy and embedded Rich graphics (RIA) on iPhone browser. Hail, it’s now possible!

Yesterday, I saw a project on reddit that talks about getting Flash runtime using Open source Javascript project.
The  Gordon project [github] has provided a complete JavaScript-powered Flash runtime. Using this, you can actually load and view Flash’s .swf files using just Javascript. This makes it possible to run Flash on iPhone Safari browser.

We gave few common Flash videos, animations a try using this project, and to my surprise, most worked. However, it was bit slow on iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch but ran flawlessly on iPhone 3GS. The good part: You don’t even need to jailbreak to use this.

Well, this is still the beginning of the project that supports just few SWF tags. For this to work out of the box, Flash developers will need to encapsulate the SWF into an HTML wrapper, importing the Gordon JavaScript source and then loading the swf.

Probably we will now see more webapps using this to enable Flash on iPhone.

You can checkout the demos:

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In fact, Flash is going to be one of the ways to develop Native iPhone applications on Windows.

You can write your own HTML to embed flash into javascript like:

< body onload="new Gordon.Movie('blue.swf', {id: 'stage', width: 500, height: 400})">
    < div id="stage">
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