Gesture Input with Webcam

Gesture inputs involves touching the screen in different ways. Toshiba has simplified it even further requiring only a camera.

Toshiba calls it AirSwing, and the software runs on a PC  using only a webcam. The system doesn’t need a lot of processing power either. It had barely 3% processor usage on a ARM 11 chip running at 400MHz.

The Gestures are amazing during use– Shake your hand with content selected to start it playing, or swipe your hand left and right to scroll through content. Want to see an image full screen? Then put your palms together in front of you and move them apart.

Since it deploys only rtwo webcams with light weight software, Toshiba plans to deploy it into large number of low cost TVs sometime in the future. Apart from that toshiba  is also planning to use it for interaction with advertising in public areas.

The Gesture Experience

The demo is less than perfect, but it is just in the prototype stages. But will users adopt new gestures replacing remote controls. These gesture based controls may be annoying for the user and also can get glitchy when user does unintentional move that is recognized by TV as an gestrure.

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