Get Stock ICS, JellyBean AOSP Apps, Holo UI on Any Android

Your device manufacturer might have pushed an Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0, or Jellybean 4.1 to your phone but its probably blinded by a custom UI that destroys the Stock Android ICS/JB Holo UI experience.

Different Manufacturers use different themeses to spoil the pure Google ICS experience. e.g. Samsung phone uses TouchWiz UI, HTC uses Sense, and Motorola uses MotoBlur. Truth be told, none of them is as good as AOSP, pure ICS.

So without wasting time, lets go over the apps, themes, mods you can use to get NAtive AOSP Pure ICS, Jellybean experience on your Android Phone.

1. Launcher

Launcher is the important part of Android desktop experience. You spend nearly 30% of your time on this screen, so its very important that you get the best experience.

For ICS phones, tablets, we recommend using Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher gives you ICS’s launcher features and more. There is a lot to choose from, you can customize behavior, gestures, icons layout, scroll animations and a lot more.

Download APEX from Play Store

If you’re running an older version of Android, you can tryout Jellybean launcher, that supports Android 2.0 and higher.

Download JellyBean Launcher [Google Play]

2. ICS / Jellybean Live Wallpaper

ICS Live wallpaper – Phase Beam [Google Play], Spectrum [Google Play]

JellyBean Wallpaper [Google Play], Live Wallpaper [Google Play]

3. ICS Widgets:

ICS Clock Widget [Google Play]

ICS Contacts Widget [Google Play] Requires Honeycomb+


4. ICS Camera / JellyBean Camera app

With ICS / Jellybean camera app you get ability to add effects, take photos, take videos, and Panoramas.

Download ICS Camera [Google Play]

5. ICS / Jellybean Gallery App

Gallery ICS is the most versatile Gallery you can get on Android. It is exact replica of Gallery found in Android ICS.

Download ICS Gallery [Google Play]

6. ICS / Jellybean Keyboard

Stock ICS and Jellybean feature one of the simplest and fastest keyboards on Android.

Download ICS  Keyboard

Download Jellybean Keyboard [Google Play]

7. ICS Browser, JellyBean Browser

ICS Browser has best of Chrome’s rendering engine, V8 and still is featureful and butter smooth.

Download ICS / Jellybean Browser [Google Play]

8. ICS / Jellybean Contacts (People App)

This is the state of the Art contacts app, aka People app available on Android. It gives you thumbnails of your favorite and frequently contacted contacts along with their social updates from Google+.

9. ICS / Jellybean Phone App (Phone Dialer)

You can download both Phone.apk, contacts.apk from XDA forums. You must remove existing contacts, phone apk from /system/app and copy these there instead. This may not work on all Android ICS / Jellybean ROMs, but you can try your luck. Of course you need Root permissions for this.

Tip: Know more ICS, Jellybean apps/mods/themes? Tip us in the comments section below.

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